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For Today 2012

If you spend any time at all on the internet, you can’t have failed to notice the ruckus caused last Thursday by Mike Reynolds, guitarist for Christian metalcore band For Today. Made through his personal Twitter account, Reynolds made certain comments regarding homosexuality that sparked uproar, and a huge backlash against the band. It sparked debate on our own site about what effect musicians’ views, when expressed publicly, can have on your enjoyment of their music.

Well, Reynolds is no longer part of the band. Spurred by the incident, he decided that now was the right time to leave and pursue mission work with his wife. A statement was released by the band over the weekend by the band to that effect, with friend of the band Sam Penner (ex-In The Midst of Lions) to fill in on touring duties. Reynolds himself also released a statement addressing the comments and his intent, which can be viewed here.

At the same time, the band released a video of frontman Mattie Montgomery addressing the backlash, and offering apology – not for the actual sentiment, but for anyone who felt set upon or marginalised by the incident. It’s a laudable sentiment, regardless of viewpoint, and towards the end Montgomery offers up his personal phone number for anyone hurt or distressed by the incident to contact him.

I can’t help but question the wisdom of that; several hundred trolls will most likely be using this information for nefarious purposes as we speak – not to mention the abuse he will probably receive – but if it provides comfort to anyone then fair enough. That said, it whiffs slightly as an opportunity to further their ministry, but they’ve never hidden that, so no-one adverse to that sort of thing could really plead ignorance.

The video is below, and below that is the comments section. You know what to do.

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