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Gyre take care of business with a new track from their forthcoming EP Moirai

Gyre 2015

Groove-slinging New Yorkers Gyre have been friends of ours for a little while – we partnered up to release their slamming Second Circle EP in 2013 – and we’re super stoked that they’re back with some new material. Premiering as a tease of their forthcoming Moirai EP, the band have put out a track called “I Release“; a pacey affair that is mightily worthy of the sea-dredging krakens’ name. Take a listen:

Since their last release, the band have recruited Ying Chee on vocals to replace Giovannie Jeckler. He’s certainly a different kettle of fish – GIovannie’s brutally guttural growls and more delicate singing register are contrasted by Ying’s butter-smooth cleans, which lend the band more of a Mastodony vibe in that respect.

The guitars of Juan Soaz and Chirag Bhatt are something else, eking groove and malice out of the furious clip set by Pablo Carpio’s drums, which in turn are accented by Ian McCartney’s thundering bass.

All in all, it’s a fine return from the quintet, who had this to say about the song:


The song is about reclaiming your life through the choices you make and letting go of the things that hold you back from your desires and dreams.  On this album we were heavily influenced by the feel of the music of our youth: thrash like Megadeth and Metallica – combined with the newer prog rock of Mastodon mixed with the aggression of Converge.


You can certainly hear those influences, but there’s a deeply satisfying bent of their own on this track, as ever.

Moirai is due for release 12th May. Show announcements will be forthcoming, and you can bet your ass you should get down to see them if you can.