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Hacktivist Release New Song & Music Video


Hacktivist are back, seemingly content on dropping the “the” that used to preface their name (is Hacktivist now a collective instead of a singular entity?), they’ve returned with a new song and accompanying music video titled “Elevate“. This is a band that have a rather divisive reputation (to say the least), with people seemingly divided firmly between the love and hate camp. Honestly, depending on your outlook, this song is very much more of the same from the band and will make no new fans. The rappers are still pretty bad, the actual musical elements are pretty unimaginative and basic in the djent world, yet delivered with enough panache and heaviness to still manage to make them headbangable. Ultimately, if you already made your decision about this band a while ago this isn’t likely to change your mind, the lyrics are still pretty weak and ridiculous, running the gamut of various conspiracy theories and other nutjob prophecies. Hacktivist may be looking to “elevate” their game here, but sadly it seems to be same old, same old.

The video is sleek and relatively well shot, though featuring nothing particularly special or imaginative. Our rapping duo find themselves gallavanting and frollicking in a snowy forest like a cute couple. It seems like a pretty odd thing to do if you want to talk about “serious” concepts – I mean, at least show a few graphs or diagrams or something. The video for “Elevate” actually goes a long way to representing the band pretty effectively (which is what all music videos should do after all) namely, all style, no substance. If that’s your thing then may I direct you to the superior rap metal overlord Limp Bizkit and his recent output with fellow abomination Lil Wayne.

What do you guys think? Do you actually like Hacktivist? Is this a particularly good song for them? Or is it just same old? Sound off in the comments!

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