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So um, this is awkward…

You uh, remember that Scar Symmetry tour post we did that I filled with a couple of premature ejaculation jokes and what not about how people usually apologize and what not afterwords? We uh, it seems I was right. The group announced on their Facebook that they would have to shitcan the tour that they had jumped so eagerly to announce due to having some issues with getting their visas in time for the show, so thanks Obama. They did remain chipper about it, saying they would hit in the US in 2013, and specifically mentioned that they would be hitting the US and only the US and skipping entirely over Canada because it was “too cold”.

Okay, that last section isn’t true but really, you can’t do too much with a tour announcement getting canned. Granted, they haven’t done the Mayhem world record of announcing a tour and then cancelling it within a day or two just for shits and giggles, but we don’t even think we hit time for presales to start. What that means for a groups like Lord Of War, Threat Signal, or Stealing Axion, who knows. They’re all good enough that they’ll likely be able to find an excellent tour package to jump on to, or they could totally do the DIY tour and just play in those areas anyway, just different venues. Long story short: Nothin’ to see here folks! Check back next year!