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Musical crowdfunding surfaces again with Mandroid Echostar

Mandroid Echostar

We’re forever grateful to Guelphite prog-rock dudes Mandroid Echostar. As well as being top-notch musicians (check out their debut EP if you haven’t already), they’re also top-notch dudes, and were incredibly generous in the run up to our launch last October, providing us with an EP/t-shirt package to giveaway.

In the intervening time they have, amongst other things, toured the Great White North with Ever Forthright and fellow Canadians Intervals, but more importantly they’ve been hard at work on a full-length – which they are now pleased to announce they are ready to record.

Thing is, they need a bit of help (who doesn’t?). I’ll let deep-voiced guitarist James Krul and vocalist Michael Ciccia explain (and preview some of the new material):

And wouldn’t it be fun if we all came?

So essentially they need another $7000 (Canadian) to meet their own fundraising efforts so far. It’s an expensive process, but it looks like they’re going to be doing it right. You can’t make a shoddy product in this day and age, but what’s nice is they’re being completely open about their costs:

[quote-symbol symbol1]We’ve always believed in biting the bullet for the best possible product, and this record cycle will be no exception. But unfortunately, as with most progressive acts, we are a band of modest means. There are so many factors that go into the costs of a record cycle; recording costs, mixing & mastering, album art and music videos, just to name a few. These can be quite overwhelming costs for six young fellas. But with a little help from all of you wonderful people we can record this album, make music videos, make awesome merchandise, tour for the album and more, without putting future Mandroid Echostar into a bottomless pit of debt.

Tracking / Mixing with Jordan Valeriote – 4500$

Mastering with Roger Lian – 1500$

Music video / Playthroughs with Ben Dundas – 3000$

Album art / Merch design – 1000$

Initial album manufacturing – 1500$

Crowdfunding is a popular option these days, and so it’s no surprise that the Mandroid Echochaps are taking this route. As always, pledgers get a variety of perks at different pricepoints, ranging from a digital download of the album a week before release, through the standard merch/physical products (including vinyl!) to the I’m sure highly-coveted “Man Date Echo Day”, which includes dinner from Momma Ciccia.

If you needed any more convincing, here’s the guitarists playing through “The Kingdom and The Crown“, an excellent proggy affair. Check out their Indiegogo page for full details and to donate.

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