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With two tours forthcoming, be the wind beneath Gypsyhawk’s wings as they try to fund their new touring van

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Los Angeles heavy metal group Gypsyhawk are in need of assistance. They’re about to embark on not one, but two kickass North American tours; one with Scorpion Child in September, and the other opening for Alestorm in November.

But there is a slight problem; they don’t have a van, as a member of the band recently left, taking the van with him. To rectify that, they’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to help pay for a new van.

Tour is a seriously important part of what keeps a band going, especially for a band that are in the second half of their cycle like Gypsyhawk is; their last album having seen release over a year ago now. Support comes almost exclusively from merch sales on the tour, and for a smaller band like the ‘Hawk, that income is important – not just for living on, but so that the label will continue to promote and fund the band.

From their Indiegogo campaign page

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These tours are crucial for our growth as a band. We’re in the second half of our album sales cycle and we need to tour as much as possible to build our fan base and promote album sales. Successful tours and album sales are what make our world go around and that’s where you, the fans, can make a difference. You can be the wind beneath our hawk wings. (Hahahahaha! You like what we did there?)

They have some pretty cool perks available for your contributions, including hanging out with the band, various merch packages, getting to play a game of Magic: The Gathering with the band when they come to your city, being their roadie for a day, partying with them on Sunset Strip in LA, having Erik play an acoustic version of an 80s ballad for you in an exclusive video, or tons of other cool things.

Gypsyhawk’s latest album Revelry And Resilience was one of my top albums of the year last year. The band rocks, and they rock hard. Their sound is comparable to Thin Lizzy, but more nerdy and more Los Angeles-style. Plus, they come across as really cool dudes, so I would advise you to assist them and give them any money you can spare. Help fund their ability to tour here.

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