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Here’s a little bit of hilarity, though surprisingly not as unexpected as folks may think it is.

If you’ve followed videogames then you probably caught wind of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD release that hit over the summer this year. It’s a pretty bloodless collection of classic Tony Hawk levels and skaters from the first two games that unfortunately didn’t quite capture the gameplay of those games. It got close, but it wasn’t exacting so that put a bit of a sour on people’s nostalgia trips. Then, when they announced the weird-ass idea of leaving the revert out (THPS3′s one HUGE innovation) of combos and only having it work for the DLC, it started to not only seem a little bit bloodless but also a little weird.

Now we have something else just as weird as IGN has revealed that Metallica members James Hetfield and Rob Trujillo are now both playable in the game. It’s actually current day Metallica, which is also a little bloodless, so the two actually line up pretty well. It’s not that there isn’t precedent for this sort of stuff in the Tony Hawk games, as Tony Hawk 4 actually had Eddie from Iron Maiden as a playable character. It’s a different developer but I wonder if this was brought about due to the group’s relationship with publisher Activision, who also had a hand in the creation of the Guitar Hero: Metallica game and the release of their album Death Magnetic on the Guitar Hero games on the same day and date as the actual album. What an odd bit of news to see.