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How To Destroy Angels, the brainchild of husband and wife team Trent Reznor and his lovely lady Mariqueen Maandig plus regular collaborators Atticus Ross and Rob Sheridan, just recently released their second EP worth of new material called An Omen. So far, they’ve released two music videos, one of which just hit and the other for the song “Keep It Together“.

An Omen, musically continues the trend of How To Destroy Angels’ brand of electronic music that has Mariqueen pulling a large amount of the vocal duty, in a smokier/sultry singing voice over some fairly minimalistic (in comparison to this collectives previous individual works) and sparse instrumentation moving at a pretty glacial pace – most of the group’s songs tend to range anywhere between close to five and seven minutes on this one, which can be an eternity with some of this stuff depending on how it is executed.

Ice Age” is starkly different from much of Omen simply due to the choice of instrumentation that augments much of the song. Those of you that are familiar with the instrumental Ghost works that Nine Inch Nails put out prior to releasing The Slip will recognize this one, even though I personally can’t recall the name for the life of me, because it popped up on quite a few of the Ghost songs. It is however, one of the more organic songs on An Omen with the rest being some dirge level electronic work. The video itself is a lot of Mariqueen staring off into space, which if you’ve seen the video for “Keep It Together, is at least thematically consistent only this time it is out of a window instead of sitting in a studio. Maybe the next one will have her out in an open field – so hey, if you How To Destroy Angels folks are reading this, I am available because I have about a million ideas of places she can stare off into. Heck, maybe a computer screen; I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Still, despite my poking fun at the video, An Omen is a pretty solid continuation of what they did with their self-titled debut EP, and if you enjoyed that then this is certainly more. If this is your first time, you may want to try The Space In Between from the previous record. It’s a better intro song that will ease you in to the way the band does things…plus she’s staring off into space there too, although it is somewhat justified.