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How To Destroy Angels

How To Destroy Angels are a collective of incredibly talented musicians featuring Nine Inch Nails founders and alumni Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and art director Rob Sheridan, as well as Reznor’s own wife Mariqueen Maandig. This impressive collaboration delivered emotive and restrained electronic music in their 2010 self titled EP, which was well received by critics. It’s certainly not a continuation of the sensational music of Nine Inch Nails, instead choosing to dress itself in subtleties and focus on the hypnotizing allure created by the combination of flowing, trippy synth beats with the intoxicating harmonies of Maandig’s impressive voice.

The camp have been conspicuously silent for quite a while now, but today they released a new song accompanied with an intriguing and powerful music video. The song “How Long” poses an interesting question about our own existence. While the music is deceptively simplistic, it creates an absorbing atmosphere that draws you into its own aura at a rapid rate. The entwined vocal harmonies present on the chorus are particularly pleasing to the ear and effectively establish an imprint on your mind to make the song creepily memorable.

This effect is augmented by the stark and impactful music video that has been released. Created by the always impressive London-based visual arts collective Shynola, it portrays a minimalistic short film featuring only three characters with a very bleak and muted colour palette that enforces the draining emotion of the song. All of the character’s eyes glow with an intense red colour, which is a welcoming and significant contrast to the saturated greys that the rest of the video is comprised of. Beautifully shot and masterfully evocative Shynola have crafted an impressive work that the band are understandably very proud of.

How To Destroy Angels will be releasing their debut full length titled Welcome, Oblivion on March 5th. Clearly from the album title we can expect more post apocalyptic and bleak music from this star studded collective. If it’s all as captivating as “How Long” we may be in for a treat.

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