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Catch the new album from Imperium Dekadenz


Atmospheric black metallers Imperium Dekadenz have released their newest album Meadows of Nostalgia for streaming in full at Terrorizer. Imperium Dekadenz hail from Germany and have been crafting their brand of dark, desperate metal for nine years, covering subject matters such as death, hatred, sorrow, and depression. Meadows of Nostalgia is their fourth full length release, and will be released via Seasons Of Mist on March 19th (March 15th in Europe).

As of writing this, I have not yet experienced the full thing, but what I have heard so far is excellent. It is brooding, melancholic, and dark, with a touch of melody. The guitar sounds really good, forging a solid wall with which the band paints a tapestry of sorrow. They display various ways to express their moodiness, either in faster heavier parts, or in more grandiose and morose passages. Another thing of note is the drumming, which sounds excellent; it plays along with the tone of the song very well, and anchors the instruments perfectly.

Listen to the album at Terrorizer, then come back and tell me your thoughts.

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