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When SikTh went their separate ways in 2008, it went without saying that most, if not all of the incredibly talented members would stay within the industry. It’s true that they have, but not always with the same level of exposure. Mikee Goodman is now vocalist for The Painted Smiles and featured on an early English-language version of Cyclamen‘s “Never Ending Dream” called “Sleep Street“. James Leach teaches bass and drum techs for Gallows. Axe-man Graham ‘Pin’ Pinney is now balls deep in Aliases - an equally-techy but altogether different beast to his former band – and signed to British label basick Records.

In a different direction, however, went guitarist Dan Weller and vocalist Justin Hill.The pair formed the highly sought-after Wellerhill Studio in London, which has boasted the likes of Monuments, Enter Shikari, Mishkin, the aforementioned Cylamen and Kids in Glass Houses as clients, to name but a few.

There were rumblings of a new project from Weller called Minutes a couple of years ago, but nothing ever seemingly came of it – until now.

The project is now called In Colour, and along with Weller features Ciaran Cahill on synths, Pete Skipper on bass and Darren Baxter on drums, as well as an exciting prospect on vocals in ex-TesseracT, current Skyharbor, and man of a thousand talents Dan Tompkins.

Warning: this is something quite different, so take your metal hats and tech pants off for a moment and don your smock of Eurythmics +1. This is pop, for all intents and purposes, but it’s lush and gorgeous and deserves to be heard.

Yesterday evening the band announced their plans for the future, which include putting out an album in 2013 recorded in Thailand’s notable Karma Sounds studio. They also released this video for the track “Listen For The Rain” below, as well as another (more upbeat) song called “All That I’ve Been Waiting For“. Pretty cool stuff.