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The Odious - Joint Ventures

Greetings and salutations, acolytes. It is with no small amount of excitement that I discovered this previous evening, as I was laying down to sleep, that Portland, OR-based progressive death/jazz oddities The Odious had released, for free, their eagerly awaited new album Joint Ventures. I immediately rose, acquired the album, and through the unknowable witchcraft that is the modern iPod, was listening to it within mere minutes of this discovery. I was awake until 3 in the morning, a late hour indeed when you consider that my daughter oft wakes me up around 9:30, and yet I could not sleep, because I had to hear the album.

While this is not a full review (I may make an attempt at that once I have a few more listens under my belt), I can safely say that Joint Ventures exceeded my already lofty expectations in nearly every way. The Odious have taken everything that was great and wonderful about their previous release, That Night A Forest Grew (also available as a free download), and extrapolated it over a full-length album’s run time, with fantastic results. The decidedly off-kilter mix of death metal, prog, and general weirdness that defined their initial work is intact here, as if Mr. Bungle had joined forces with Between The Buried And Me, and the resulting mix is intoxicating.

Enough talking, though. Mere words cannot do justice to the experience that awaits you. This is an album that demands hearing, and only in such a manner can you truly understand exactly what I mean. Go forth, acquire, and listen… you will likely be a better person for it.

Professor D. Grover the XIIIth