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Greetings and salutations, acolytes. I should hope that, in some capacity, you are familiar with the Hungarian avant-garde black/death/prog metal band Thy Catafalque, the brainchild of a man named Tamás Kátai (or, if you are Hungarian, Kátai Tamás, as their surnames come first). I have been an active and vocal proponent of the band since they were recommended to me by an old associate (you may know him as Tr00 Nate), and it’s really not at all surprising that I fell so hard for the music. Thy Catafalque craft black/death metal with a distinct, melodic bent that I cannot characterize (I suspect it derives from Hungarian culture and folk music, but I do not know nearly enough to confirm), and the music is sufficiently experimental that black/death metal are merely the nearest anchor descriptors rather than concrete definitions.

Thy Catafalque’s music is built upon the foundations of death and black metal, especially the latter, but from there Kátai branches out to create massive, ethereal soundscapes, based around clean vocals (usually contributed by Attila Bakos of Woodland Choir), and sometimes heavy on the electronics. Combine these elements with heavy guitars and distinctive programmed drums, and the end result is spectacular, while sounding quite unlike anything else out there.

But, I digress. The picture above was posted today by Kátai on the Thy Catafalque Facebook page, and as I and several other fans surmised, it indicates that Kátai is in the process of recording new material. When I asked if there was a time frame for the new material to be released, Kátai replied,

To finish is one thing and to be released is another one, so I have double no clue.

I believe that Thy Catafalque is still working with Season Of Mist, so it will be a matter of getting the album through the label. Still, it is encouraging to know that there will be new Thy Catafalque material in our future, and you can correctly imagine that I will be keeping you abreast of the situation. In the meantime, if you are unfamiliar with Thy Catafalque’s music, this is a perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself. The songs below are long, but they are hypnotic and will draw you in.