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Greetings and salutations, acolytes. You may recall the minor furor sparked by Mindless Self Indulgence upon the announcement that they were using Kickstarter to hold their new album hostage from fans unless they paid in $150,000. Clearly, there were many people who did not quite understand MSI’s particular sense of humor and believed this to be a serious thing, rather than seeing this for what it was: a chance for fans to preorder a digital copy of the album for a dollar, donate some extra money to acquire some rare merchandise (something their rabid fanbase would relish), and help one of their favorite bands offset recording, merchandising, and touring costs. Had they taken a different tone in their message, it’s not nearly as likely that anyone would have batted an eye at this, but then again, Mindless Self Indulgence seem to thrive on controversy.

At any rate, the Kickstarter campaign reached its goal, and although I have no doubts that the band would have released the album either way, its release is now assured (rumor has it that the title will be God Is My Son, a Mindless Self Indulgence album title if I have ever heard one). As one might expect, a pair of songs have been posted to YouTube (the track below was actually posted around two weeks prior, but I neglected to post about it at the time); the above track is entitled “It Gets Worse“, while the below track is unofficially titled “God Likes Me“.

My initial impression of these songs is fairly positive. While they do not quite recall the delirious insanity of the band’s strongest release, Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy, they certainly seem closer to recapturing that album’s punk energy than their more recent releases. I will not lie, my expectations for this album are not nearly as high as they might once have been, but I am certainly intrigued to hear the finished product.