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Details of Incubus’ new releases are trickling in

Incubus 2015

I’m not saying Incubus‘ last album was bad, but it really wasn’t for me. I can’t even put my finger on why because I barely gave it any time. My mistake? Justified? Everyone has their own opinion, but either way it’s not the sort of thing to turn me off a band that were a key part of my musical education.

So wiping slates clean, the band are preparing to follow 2011′s If Not Now, When? with TWO new EP’s this year – and the first one could be released this month. A December interview with Billboard unveiled the plans, and so far two track shave raised their heads. The first, “Trust Fall“, has been played live but not officially released. It sounds pretty good – quite A Crow Left Of The Murdery:

The first official song, however, is called “Absolution Calling“, and has just been debuted:

I’ve spun it about 10 times consecutively, and I think I like it. I don’t love it, but I think that, because of Incubus’ size, they’ve released something a bit safer to start off with. Indeed, some forthcoming tracks have been described as the heaviest they’ve ever written, and whilst ‘heavy’ is not what you go to Incubus for, it’s an interesting concept; Mike Einziger in particular is likely to do something interesting within that tag.

There’s still no word on a name for the new record, or when exactly it’ll be out, but they’ve just signed with Island Records, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them as well as the band themselves.

Incubus are booked in for Soundwave festival in Australia later this month, followed by dates in Japan and Hawaii, and finally (for now) Summer Arena festival in Assago in June.