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Robert Rich’s Somnium; stimulating the mind

Robert Rich - Somnium

The problem with writing is that it can be a very time consuming and stressful experience. Words on the page never quite form together as well as they do in your head and it can become extremely frustrating and even upsetting. This weekend, thanks to a good friend I stumbled across the work of Richard Rich and his album Somnium. It’s a beautiful and richly textured ambient album that spans an impressive running time of seven hours! 

This album is a wonderful piece of music that is perfect for background. Put headphones on and start writing; it really works! The music consumes you with it’s great senses of melody, landscape and atmosphere. The most important thing however, is that it augments your imagination, instead of intruding upon it. The best thing about it however, is that you never have to worry about changing the track! So, if you’re working on fiction, blogging or even homework assignments try out this ambient masterpiece and you may find yourself soothed and inspired.

It’s not metal, but it sure as hell is magic!

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