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Instrumental Music Week banner

Yesterday we announced we’re running Instrumental Music Week this week, and will be celebrating all things instrumental for the next few days. Make sure to check out the previous days, but today we check in for day two from our intrepid instrumenteers!

Day One


Lisa [Basick Records/Hold Tight! PR]

Ron Jarzombek – “Dramatic Chromatic” [Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement, 2002]

Whether it’s just Ron Jazzyb (as I like to call him) or a more fuller instrumental with Blotted Science, I love him. I love what he does. I love how his head works. However…when I first discovered Ron, I made the mistake of putting his album on shuffle with a bunch of other random music. The end result was that in amongst the other music, every other track sounded as if I had a madman running past the speakers with a guitar. Not so much a musician as a mad scientist who cooks up guitar alchemy in his lab. He’s right up there with the greats in my opinion.

Paul [Chimp Spanner]

John Williams – “Cavatina” [from The Deer Hunter, 1978]

I think I first heard this in Deer Hunter. It’s such a powerful and emotive song. It’s not the most technical but that’s kind of my thing. A few right notes can really touch you in a way that a more complex piece can’t do. I can’t say I’ve ever really attempted anything like this myself, but it’s a really good example of how a piece of music can really reach in there and have an effect on you.

Evan [Alaya]

Brad Paisley – “Time Warp” [Time Well Wasted, 2005]

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time studying the blues, especially later on after high school when I started teaching lessons and had to really start to expand my knowledge on the neck. Brad Paisley, while he may usually go unnoticed due to his genre and primarily “pop” approach, is one of the best guitar players around, in my humble opinion. Just check out the instrumental song “Time Warp“, where he literally takes you on a journey through country, bluegrass, rock blues, and jazz at 300 mph. Some of the things he plays are mind blowing, and don’t even sound real. His picking technique is one I’ve always wrestled with, and his use of chromatics are extremely tasteful.

Make sure to check back for the rest of the week to see which tracks are our intrepid guest columnists’ favourites, and see what else we have in store for Instrumental Music Week!