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On Monday we announced we’re running Instrumental Music Week this week, and have been celebrating all things instrumental for this whole week. Make sure to check out the previous days, but today we check in for the final day from our intrepid instrumenteers!

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Lisa [Basick Records/Hold Tight! PR]


Exivious – “Ripple of a Tear” [Exivious, 2009]

I love these guys. Members of Cynic and Textures combining to make orgasmic instrumental music, which is a fusion of progressive, jazz, metal and quite possibly angel tears. The guys are busy working on a new album, which makes me incredibly excited. If you’ve not checked them out yet, and you like a bit of edgy noodling and meandering ambience with a malevolent streak, this is one for you.

Paul [Chimp Spanner]

Animals as Leaders – “Tempting Time” [Animals as Leaders, 2009]

By far my favourite song of Tosin’s, purely for that arpeggiated break in the middle. Totally my kind of chord progression, haunting, deep, moody. I’m big on dynamics and he’s a real master when it comes to that. If I can get half as fast as that guy I’ll be pretty happy!

Evan [Alaya]

Metallica – “Orion” [Master Of Puppets, 1986]

No list of “guitar” songs is complete without something from Metallica, and considering the list is composed of mainly instrumentals, I insist “Orion” is on here! There is nothing particularly flashy about this eight and a half minute opus, but man, do they pack the melody in HARD. The entire middle section in all of its harmonious glory has to be one of the most inspirational guitar parts in my life. Master Of Puppets was my first cassette tape, purchased for me by one of my older brothers friends when I was in 2nd grade! I remember running home after school to try and figure out all the different parts to “Orion“. I actually had my dad record me playing it – on all instruments, in the basement on his reel to reel set up. I was completely infatuated with the song, and really anything Metallica did. They are definitely responsible for shaping most of my early guitar years.

Well, the just about wraps up Instrumental Music Week! We’d like to thank Lisa, Paul and Evan for the recommendations, and we hope you all got something out of it. As we release them back into the world and see them flee off into the distance, we’ll remember our time together fondly, and treasure the slivers of their souls we managed to steal whilst they were sleeping…

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And finally, don’t forget to pick up Brent A Petrie’s instrumental album The Void, released last week, in our webstore!