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Instrumental Music Week banner

Greetings Acolytes!

You may have noticed that we’ve been sporting this ravishing multi-coloured banner a lot recently and that’s because we’ve teamed up with some of the fine folks at Basick Records to bring you a week celebrating instrumental music! Well, it’s a happy set of circumstances that we at Monolithic Records actually have our very own instrumental release from Brent A. Petrie.

We unleashed The Void on all of you last week, which you can go and pick up from our store here. It’s free for our acolytes, but costs for our members. If you were putting off buying that membership or purchasing Brent’s sublime instrumental work, well allow us to push you over the edge, as we’re providing a stream of this great album right here, right now:

From the artist himself:

My goal with The Void was to reflect my individual tastes without worrying about whether anything ‘fit’. I just wanted to make something that was held together by how it feels, rather than by how it sounds.

Also, for all you keen observers you may have noticed that on the right hand side of the site we’ve installed a little widget for Monolithic Records, there you will be able to stream and buy our latest releases almost instantly where-ever you are on the site. Brent’s stream has been uploaded there right now, so you can immerse yourself in the instrumental goodness while navigating around the rest of the site… we really do spoil you here!

Enjoy folks, and remember our second release, Majesties from the dark and corrupted mind of Towering Filth is released tomorrow, at a discount for members!

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