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Greetings friends!  It being Instrumental Music Week here at The Monolith, I figured I’d toss in my two cents and talk about the instrumental music I love and revere.  My good pal Sigma posted his favorite instrumental track yesterday, and while he picked a doozy, us being good pals and all means that I have to one up him just a bit, so I wracked my brain and came up with my five favorite instrumental tracks (which I guess means I actually four-upped him, but that’s just semantics).

I love instrumental music; since a friend introduced me to Pelican some years ago, I’ve striven to hear as much instrumental music as I can – whether it’s solely instrumental bands like Scale the Summit or Animals As Leaders, or just a random instrumental track from bands who typically use vocals.  There’s just something about creating a song with no use of any human language that appeals to me, in addition to instrumental tracks really showcasing the musical and technical prowess of the band members.

Hopefully you like it as much as we here at The Monolith do; if not, I hope this week is helping to change that somewhat.  In the spirit of lyric-less tracks, I’m going to present these songs without any sort of explanation or reasoning behind them; just take the time and listen, enjoying the music and not the words about the music (besides, that’s what the comments are for).  Without further fanfare, my Top Five Instrumental Tracks!

5. Red Sparowes - “The Great Leap Forward Poured Down Upon Us One Day Like a Mighty Storm, Suddenly and Furiously Blinding Our Senses

4. Pelican – “Ephemeral

3. Thrice - “Night Diving

2. Explosions in the Sky - “First Breath After Coma

1. Agalloch - “Sowillo Rune

What are some of your favorite instrumental tracks?  Join the discussion below!

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