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Hello loyal Acolytes and non-Acolytes. Seeing as it is Instrumental Music Week here at the Monolith, and a few of my fellow writers – Sigma and Durf – have done posts on their favourite instrumental tracks (as well as our week-long Basick Records takeover), I figured I’d get on the bandwagon and give you my top instrumental songs, as well as show Sigma and Durf what’s what.

For those that don’t know me, I’m a big prog nerd so I experience the instrumental a fair amount. Bands like Dream Theater, Rush, and Symphony X as well as less metal acts such as Al Di Meola are my kind of thing. Each band manages to tell a story with their music alone; especially in Dream Theater’s case, where the song is part of a concept album. There’s also the virtuoso element to some, as it’s a time when musicians can really cut loose and let their talent speak for them. You’ll also notice some space rock in here, which is a genre that really works well with instrumental songs, letting musicians really milk the psychedelic spacey atmosphere, extending songs to much longer lengths with long jams – plus a slightly out of place folk metal band with their short instrumental piece from their 2010 album…

Anyways, without anymore yammering about my tastes, here are my top 5 instrumental music songs. I’ve probably forgotten something though.

5. Ozric Tentacles – “Jurassic Shift

4. Eluveitie – “Setlon

3. Earthless – “Sonic Prayer

2. Rush – “La Villa Stragiato

1. Dream Theater – “Dance of Eternity

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