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Ben Dundas and Intervals work magic together once again

Intervals Epiphany video cap

When Quigs interviewed up-and-coming Canadian cinematographer Ben Dundas last month, his work with fellow Torontonians Intervals came up a few times. He already handled the sublime playthrough videos they’ve produced, but he also mentioned that he was working on a video with them. Interest piqued.

Well, it’s here now! Featuring inter-spliced performance shots along with some pretty damn subatomic sci-fi visuals, it’s a track that wouldn’t feel out of whack being played next to something by contemporary Chimp Spanner. Check it out:

The track is from Intervals’ EP In Time, released independently last year. You can pick it up from the Intervals’ Bandcamp here, as well as their older EP The Space Between.

The song features a guest spot from Croatian musician David Maxim Micic, key member of Destiny Potato, and whose solo EP Bilo 2.0 made my year-end list last year. He’s not in the video for obvious reasons, but it’s certainly worth a mention.

Should you find your fingers widdling away mid-air and wondering how to actually play the song, there’s a digital tab book for In Time currently in production, which will come complete with Guitar Pro files for those so inclined.

Intervals are heading out on tour across Canada with Structures, Texas In July and Northlane next month, with Raunchy (and ex-Vestascension/ex-The HAARP Machine) vocalist Mike Semeksy filling in on bass.

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