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New label Crooked Noise Records opens its doors!

Crooked Noise Records

It’s not often that new labels make such a buzz, but Cambridge newcomers Crooked Noise Records have taken the smart step of launching with the simultaneous signing of four highly talented bands. It’s created a good amount of buzz, and certainly prompted us to take notice.

So who are they? Well, in their own words:

We are an independent rock label straight out of Cambridge, England and we’re here to put good, honest, hard working and mostly PISSED OFF music into your ears.

Sounds good! So who are those four bands – each of whom will have a new release out this year – they’ve signed then? Let’s take a look!

Black Art

Black Art 2014

I’d call Gloucestershire hardcore punk outfit Black Art a stark replica of Every Time I Die, if it wouldn’t do them a massive disservice. The comparison is uncanny at times – the paper cut-edge to frontman Joe Kibble’s voice, the fuzzy hammerfall of his and Nick Lewis’ riffs – but it’s packaged with a slightly harder, less tongue-in-cheek edge than some of ETID’s material.

The “pissed off” tag covers these guys pretty well, for sure.

Upcoming shows:

05/06 @ Sandkaul, Walferdange, (LUX)
06/06 @ Final Collapse Festival, Bolzano (ITA)
07/06 @ Take 5, Vaduz (LIE)


F·O·E·S 2014

F·O·E·S are probably the group that has impressed me most this year. They blew away The Unicorn’s tiny rear end in February before releasing a fantastic new single called “Rival Thrones, and now that they’re in my field of vision, I can’t help but see and hear good things about them from all and sundry.

Known formerly as Fall Of Every Sparrow, the Liverpudlian quartet meld soaring melodic rock with post-y tendencies, sounding like a meld of Circa Survive and Red Sparowes. Vocalist Chris Mackrill’s soothing tones work hard to accent the spacey instrumentation, and following on from their magnificent Ophir EP last year, the new record with CNR will be one to keep your eyes on.

I Cried Wolf

I Cried Wolf 2015

I Cried Wolf are the screaming bastard offspring of terror-induced psychosis and a can of Red Bull. One part melodic and about seventeen chaos, the Banbury 5-piece ride a blurry line between the ferocity of The Bled and early Architects. There’s a healthy amount of beatdown going on, and the raw screams of frontman Harry Davies imbue the music with a sense of eyeball-popping desperation.

There’s not much from them out there, so the forthcoming record is a bit of a mystery beyond the one track we’ve had the pleasure of hearing:

Upcoming shows:

15/05 @ The Black Dog, Crawley 
16/05 @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 
17/05 @ Milo’s, Leeds


V:Vega 2015

Finally, Bedfordshire 4-piece V / VEGA - a reference to Quentin Tarantino’s Vince Vega? – provide the meaty portion of the CNR plate, with beef aplenty on show throughout their 2014 EP Nostalgia.

But it’s not all low end; they display character and nuance as well, with screams and singing trading off over the dynamically light/dark music, which combines both heavy, chugging riffs and posty leads and background atmospherics behind.

Expect more of the same, and maybe a bit more, from the new record.

Upcoming shows:

16/07 @ TBC
17/07 @ Maiden’s Head, Canterbury
18/07 @ Sanctuary, Basingstoke
19/07 @ Talking Heads, Southampton
21/07 @ Retrobar, Manchester
22/07 @ Opium, Edinburgh
23/07 @ Bar Bloc, Glasgow
24/07 @ The Alma Inn, Bolton
25/07 @ The Central, Gateshead

You can keep abreast of exactly what’s happening with the label at their website,, or via their Soundcloud: