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Greetings Acolytes (and your less-inducted cousins)! We, The Iron Council, are starting our monthly run of competitions and contests to win a myriad of great prizes. These prizes are always better if you’re one of our trusted Acolytes, but a regular reader can always win prizes too!

Today is a crossword, where all of the clues hint at band names from within the metal, punk and hardcore genres. The bands picked for this crossword are random, there is no theme linking them together – this will not be easy. However, in our benevolence we tell you: never fear! To enter the competition it’s pretty simple. Do your best, get as many of the bands as you can and then email your answers to The winners will be the contestants who solve the MOST of these clues and e-mail them with the subject line “MONOLITHIC CROSSWORD #1″ as such:

2. Justin Bieber
7. Whitney Houston

5. Lady GaGa
13. Rhianna

It’s that simple. Even if you only are able to decipher a few of these it’s still worth taking part as everyone could be in the same boat as well, and you may be a winner. Here is the crossword; keep reading to find out what prizes you can win!

Metal Crossword 1


1. Famous witch of Salem (15)
5. Every hole’s a goal (8)
6. Extinct proboscidea (8)
7. It’s not gay if you shout… (6)
8. Clamp, grasp, grip (6)
9. Hilarious satanic pranksters (5)
10. The shape of punk to come (7)
13. Gothenburg titans on fire (8)
15. The only band that can say one of their number has both run for president and been accused of manslaughter (9)
18. The singer has a PHD from Cornell University (11)
19. Shares an unfortunate namesake with an outspoken lunatic (4)
24. Bald genius from Ziltoidia9 (13)
25. 1930’s Mobster’s jailbreak (19)
26. Extreme metal’s Pink Floyd (8)
30. Don’t let that monkey throw a wrench in your plans (12)


2. Their latest album shares the name of everyone’s favourite metal and film publication (7)
3. Serpent’s breath (13)
4. Headless (11)
11. Blunder, flounder, mess up (5)
12. The mouth has a shattering effect (8)
14. Daddy issues (4)
16. Recall, annulment, reversal (10)
17. The Emperor (6)
20. The opposite of a pleasant demon (11)
21. Bloody teeth (7)
22. Gather, assemble, rally (8)
23. You won’t find these arty guys hanging out in the shed (4)
27. Keep on rollin’ (10)
28. Militant vegans (18)
29. Pirates of the Caribbean references are lame (17)

The two prizes we are offering right now are the two releases we’ve had from our outfit; Monolithic Records.

Prize No. 1 – for Acolytes:

Our second Monolithic Records release, out on Thursday, is Majesties by Towering Filth. Acolytes will get this at a discount when it’s released, but if you enter this contest as an acolyte you could win it completely free! Here’s the teaser again for those who missed it before:

Prize No. 2 – for Non-Acolytes:

To celebrate Instrumental Music Week at The Monolith we’re offering a free copy of The Void from Brent A. Petrie – Monolithic Records’ very first release! Of course if you sign up you can stand a chance of winning Towering Filth AND as an acolyte you get Brent’s sublime instrumental album FOR FREE anyway! If you manage to get ALL of the clues there will be a very special prize available to acolytes only, so there really is no reason why you wouldn’t sign up today.

You have approximately one week from now – the doors will close at midnight EST on Sunday 27th January. Good luck!

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