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Metal Crossword 1

Avast, scumbags! It’s time to announce the winner of our first ever crossword contest. Launched one week ago, we took a punt on a somewhat unused format in terms of metal competitions, and asked you to fill in a thirty-point crossword to which the answers were all the names of fairly well known bands (there were no ‘local’ bands, we promise!).

The response was great, so we’ll definitely be doing this again. To remind you of the prizes, we had two – depending on your Monolith status.

Non-acolytes would get a copy of Brent A. Petrie‘s The Void, which is our label Monolithic Records’ debut release, and the sophomore record from the artist himself.

Whilst this is a great album, it’s already free for Acolytes, so we needed to offer these Monolithic stalwarts extra incentive – in the form of our second release, Towering Filth‘s Majesties, which came out on Thursday just gone!

For those who haven’t won, both are available from the Monolithic Records webstore here. Discounts are available on both for Acolytes, which you can sign up to be at this location.

So, before we announce the lucky winner…how about the answers? The clues are below, with the answers directly afterwards.


1. Famous witch of Salem (15) Abigail Williams
5. Every hole’s a goal (8) Anal Cunt
6. Extinct proboscidea (8) Mastodon
7. It’s not gay if you shout… (6) Slayer
8. Clamp, grasp, grip (6) Clutch
9. Hilarious satanic pranksters (5) Ghost
10. The shape of punk to come (7) Refused
13. Gothenburg titans on fire (8) In Flames
15. The only band that can say one of their number has both run for president and been accused of manslaughter (9) Lamb Of God
18. The singer has a PHD from Cornell University (11) Bad Religion
19. Shares an unfortunate namesake with an outspoken lunatic (4) Varg
24. Bald genius from Ziltoidia9 (13) Devin Townsend
25. 1930’s Mobster’s jailbreak (19) Dillinger Escape Plan
26. Extreme metal’s Pink Floyd (8) Enslaved
30. Don’t let that monkey throw a wrench in your plans (12) Chimp Spanner


2. Their latest album shares the name of everyone’s favourite metal and film publication (7) Sylosis
3. Serpent’s breath (13) Anaal Nathrakh
4. Headless (11) Decapitated
11. Blunder, flounder, mess up (5) Botch
12. The mouth has a shattering effect (8) Glassjaw
14. Daddy issues (4) Korn
16. Recall, annulment, reversal (10) Revocation
17. The Emperor (6) Ihsahn
20. The opposite of a pleasant demon (11) Morbid Angel
21. Bloody teeth (7) Red Fang
22. Gather, assemble, rally (8) Converge
23. You won’t find these arty guys hanging out in the shed (4) Tool
27. Keep on rollin’ (10) Limp Bizkit
28. Militant vegans (18) Cattle Decapitation
29. Pirates of the Caribbean references are lame (17) Bring Me The Horizon

So who was the winner of one of these succulent prizes?

Tyler Meyer!

Tyler got 29/30 (a good guess at#19 with CAGE), and he wins a copy of The Void.

We’ll be back soon with more competitions, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Until then…about your business!