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We all know what day it is, so we thought we’d go with a topical question today – but rather than all this lovey-dovey crap, we want to know about your past heartbreaks.

Now, it’s not your love lives we want to know about. We’re not interested in your fumbled attempts at losing your viginity or the school bully who you had a crush on; no we want something much worse:

Which albums have broken your musical heart?

What we mean by this is records from bands – maybe even your favourite band – that you had been anticipating with such fervour that you were almost crying liquid iron from your eye sockets, such was the metal you thought you were about to receive. We’re talking something so off-form that your obsidian hearts shattered into a tiny thousand pieces and now litter the shale and shingle beaches of the British coastline.

The prime example we can think of is, of course, Metallica‘s St. Anger. When we were preparing our writers for the onslaught of The Monolith, we had them write a positive review of the much maligned album, and we’re not exaggerating (too much) when we say several of them nearly had aneurisms and/or nervous breakdowns.

So come on; out with it. Let’s hear your depressing stories!

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