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Bah humbug!

It’s almost mid December, so aside from it being really bloody cold in Canada, it’s about time I actually started thinking about Christmas. I can’t ignore it any longer; it’s really happening. Classic Quigs – wait until it’s too late. So, Christmas has found me, which has got me thinking about music a lot. No, not Christmas music you pleb! Wait, no, don’t you dare start singing those damn carols at me!

For Christmas I wanted to give a few friends of mine some music compilations. These people range from friends who are just getting into metal to metal-inclined friends that I want to get into other genres.

Can you help me create comprehensive compilation discs for Christmas? The rules are simple:

1. 18 tracks per disc.

2. One song per band.

3. Five compilations based around the following categories: Death, Black, Stoner, Thrash and Progressive.

It is that simple, so put on your thinking caps – and maybe if those aforementioned friends are reading this page they can make their own bloody Christmas compilations!

Brainstorm (mind-map for you politically correct folks) in the comments and give all of us the best gift ideas to make it a very metal Christmas, for everyone (whether they like it or not!).