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Got ethics ?

Okay, so we’ll admit we’re on a bit of a topical train at the moment. The week before last, in the wake of the For Today incident, we asked if a band’s controversial opinions, when expressed publicly, put you off their music.

Following on from the news that punk supergroup United Nations are still giving zero fucks about being sued by the international organisation of the same name, citing that “some things are not about ownership”, we were wondering:

Do a band’s ethics and principles make a difference about how you view them?

It’s a question that sounds similar, but it has different ramifications. It’s not about expressing views; it’s about sticking to your guns.
I had a friend in high school who disliked bands who expressed political views through their music. For him, that meant Green Day, but for me, just getting into heavier music, it meant bands like Refused, who were a revelation to me. For me, the reason – the principles –  behind the music made it all the more exciting and to have bands stay the path in such a fashion. Refused’s dedication to their “new noise” agenda, and their subsequent break-up in the face of being unable to continue doing so screamed “dedicated!” to me. Of course, the recent reunion kind of put a kibosh on that, but the love is still there for me.

So tell me people: is it even important to you?

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