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How do you get involved with local music?

Crawfish live!

Thinking about it, I may have missed the point of “live” here…

Earlier today we posted about The Matador, a progressive post-metal band from Gold Coast in Australia. Now, The Matador are about as far from a “local” band as it gets for me. Different country, different continent, different time zone (+9 hours) – even a different hemisphere. I wish they were local, but alas, I’m not likely to see them any time soon unless my money tree sprouts fruitfully.

The Matador aren’t well known, though. Awesome, but with just shy of a couple of thousand of followers, hardly famous. They only came to my attention thanks to an eye-catching e-mail to my old digs at Heavy Blog is Heavy, but I get the impression people in their local area like them, as they do play a fair number of shows.

It made me think about my own local scene though. I currently reside in London, and as such I’m incredibly spoiled – brattishly so – and have my pick of any genre I could want to experience in any given week (more or less). I’d wager that makes it harder for local acts to break through, but I don’t support them enough to even know that. Neotenic is much better at this than me, but it wasn’t always that way.

My hometown scene was amazing growing up. Names like Pushmeunder and AZWAI will likely spark flickers of recognition in exactly 0% of you, but I went to see these and other local bands as often as I could (or could find a working bus/petrol money for my car), and even helped one or two with gear transportation.

I miss it, and there’s no reason why I couldn’t at the very least go to more pub/basement shows. I saw a load of excellent bands support Coilguns not so many moons ago, and for £5 it was an absolute bargain.

But that’s enough about me; I want to know about you. Do you go to small shows often? Do you buy their merch? Helped any bands with gear transport/accomodation? Is there even a local scene where you’re from?

How do you support your local scene?

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