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Late running concerts are just the worst for weary travellers

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Have you ever been to a concert and it was pushed back for a band you were not even there to see? Welcome to my experience from February 22nd’s concert at The Bowery Ballroom.

I was extremely excited to see opening bands Royal Thunder and the band who created my favorite album of 2012Pallbearer, support Norwegian metal giants Enslaved. Much to my dismay, I missed a train and subway travel made things a bit longer than they should have been, so I expected to miss part of whoever was the second band, yet as I arrived at 8:30pm I was informed that the first band - Ancient VVisdom - had just wrapped up. When a ticket advertises 7:00pm doors, surely the concert should start no later than 7:30pm?


Unlike the majority of concert goers in New York, I am from New Jersey and have a more difficult transportation situation than many others. I had to catch an 11:52 train out of Penn Station and when the concert schedule was band 1 at 8:00pm; band 2 at 8:50pm; band 3 at 9:45pm and the headliner at 10:45pm, consider me pissed off. Instead of taking in the band’s entire set I was only able to get in three and had to leave during the fourth in an effort to get home before Saturday. The next train to my destination was at 1:00am and being a teacher I was already feeling the ill effects of early mornings and a long work week.

The concert ideally would have been set up this way band 1: 7:30pm – 8:00pm, band 2: 8:15 – 8:50; band 3: 9:05 – 9:50; headliner 10:05 – close. I would not have made the whole set regardless but I would have gotten a full forty minutes more of concert time. Instead I got a whole hour of silence before any music was being played. I highly doubt anybody would have been majorly disappointed in missing the first band considering the other bands’ prestige.

I must mention however that I am spoiled when it comes to landmark shows, as living just outside the New York Metropolitan area makes travel about ninety minutes from my apartment door to any concert venue in New York City via public transportation.

Knowing the plight of lesser populated areas of the country, Maryland Deathfest roommate and big boss over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy‘s Alkahest is from the middle of nowhere in Kentucky and he has to travel over four hours to some shows; I can imagine my issue is further amplified by someone as well traveled as he. Having to leave at 3 or 4pm for an 8 o’clock show and not getting home until 3 in the morning is nothing to be envious of. All in all bands, and promoters should be more cognizant of not just the fans from the immediate area but also the ones who need to travel; especially bands from Scandinavia who always had to travel long hours to shows.

Has this ever been an issue for you guys, if so feel free to share your ill feelings for this type of practice. Have at it!

For now, a song I missed:

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