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Jane Fraud’s column yesterday on feminism and being good bros to each other got me thinking: we don’t all like the same stuff (duh) and that’s all cool, dude, but is there something tangibly quantifiable about the music we like that makes us like it?

For example, I like music that is challenging. That’s probably something we all share in common, but to varying degrees. I like the drumming to be varied, which is why, despite liking hardcore, I’m very picky about it – it’s not a genre known for its technicality in that aspect. Converge are very dear to me for this reason; just the opening few bars of Jane Doe make me flail my arms around like the biggest air-drumming goober known to man. Prog is another big one for me for similar reasons, and it can also inject a lot of melody, such as the likes of TesseracT.

I also like viscerality of emotion; the likes of which bands like Glassjaw and letlive. display with verve. I enjoy immensely the way their vocalists scream such vitriol with abandon – it’s very cathartic to me, which is another big reason I listen to metal.

Conversely, I do not tend to respond well to shredding or overly-notey stuff. I like some technicality in that respect, more in a mathcore/math rock vein, and I am cold to a lot of bands like Brain Drill or Behold…The Arctopus, no matter how impressive they may be. Perhaps it’s the lack of immediately discernible melody that puts me off; who knows?

Anyway, what we want to know is this: what does “good music” mean to you? Sound off in the comments!