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For all its virtues, metal is not always the easiest of genres to understand vocally. With all the screaming, growling, yelping and brieing, it’s hardly surprising that some of us struggle to understand the messages put out through the lyrics sometimes; it takes a trained ear (something that often needs training to each different vocalist) to fully comprehend, and even then, we often have to scrabble for the lyrics sheet to understand what in Dio’s name they’re on about.

Heaped on top of that is the potential to completely mishear lyrics. Even when I think I have them down, I’m often proven completely and hilariously wrong. Whole flame wars have been fought and lost (by both parties, in some instances) over misheard, misquoted or misprinted lyrics. Empires have risen and fallen, and still nobody can tell what Job For A Cowboy are saying.

We want to know what songs you’ve had problems with!

Ever been called out by your metal brethren for your lyrical fallacies? Been to a gig and completely bollocksed a line in front of all present? Tell us your stories below!