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Jesse James Tiger Flowers

A cover has been making the rounds from DIY Brooklyn hardcore trio Meek Is Murder. They’re due to release their new album All About Friends Forever: Volume Three fairly soon (no exact date), and given that it’s something that’s reportedly been a staple of their live set for some time, it’s probably about time that said cover is laid down on record.

The cover is of seminal Tacoman mathcore band Botch‘s “Japam” from their 2002 EP An Anthology of Dead Ends. There was a running theme across the track titles of that release – namely countries with an instance of the letter ‘n’ replaced with an ‘m’ (“Spaim“, “Framce“, “Vietmam“, “Afghamistam” and ”Micaragua“) – but “Japam” is one of the more noticeable thanks to the off-kilter harmonic-bothering guitar opening. Guitarist Dave Knudson is famous for his ability to manipulate his instrument – even now in alt-rock band Minus The Bear – and although that particular section of the cover isn’t great, the rest is pretty excellent; guest vocalist Jesse James Madre of Tiger Flowers doing an excellent approximation of Dave Verellen.

It got us thinking about covers though. Pretty much every musician ever will have done a cover at some point in their lives. Many bands start off as cover bands whilst finding their feet together, and some even make careers out of imitating popular famous artists.

Some are obviously better than others. Staying with the Botch theme, their cover of the The B-52s‘ “Rock Lobster“, whilst not exactly polished, is a great take on a song from a completely different genre, and they made it their own.

Apologies if the sight of wrinkly old wankers offends you

A personal favourite of mine has got to be Faith No More‘s take on the classic Commodores track “Easy“. It’s got to the point now where even some London radio stations play the cover, and hearing Mike Patton crooning at you in the office between the latest Bruno Mars twaddle and the eleventieth rendition of “Skyfall” that day is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


So tell us, sports fans; what’s your favourite cover and why?

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