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Metallica pinball

We were sparked into this question by Wednesday’s reveal from Metallica that they are working with Stern Pinball to produce a Metallica-themed pinball machine.

That’s right: a pinball machine.

I’m not calling Metallica sell-outs, because that would be stupid – this is actually an interesting idea, and I believe it’s been done before by the likes of AC/DC – but you have to wonder the point. Who’s going to buy this? Regular fans? Not likely.

I don’t know. Anyway, it’s kind of besides the point. What I want to know is:

What’s the strangest/most interesting piece of merchandise you’ve ever come across?

KISS are probably the biggest ‘offenders’, but I’ve found Mastodon to have some of the most ‘out there’, including at times sneakers and drinking horns amongst others. Their range is pretty standard right now, but trust me, they’ve done some odd stuff over the years.

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