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I saw this asked elsewhere today, and thought it a good topic of conversation to get you ‘orrible lot talking.

So here’s the deal: someone comes up to you and asks what metal is. Rather than explaining in a round-about way about the culture, ethos and/or subgenres, you merely rummage around in your underwear and hand them a copy of…what?

Do you pick something from a golden oldie like Black Sabbath, Metallica or Slayer? Your personal favourite album of all time? Something from this year to show the state of the scene now?

My pick would be something like Mastodon‘s Blood Mountain; an album that showcases the many facets of metal; the pace, the ferocity, the skill of the musicians, the vocals – and all in a record that sounds like it has a big fat beard on its face. It’s a set of songs that makes you screw up your face into that wrinkled “fuck yeah” expression and throw up the horns, if you are that way inclined.

So what is your pick? Fight me.