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██████, for when your ██████ ██████ won’t stop ██████ the ████████████, and you just want to ██████ it in the ██████!


██████; doesn’t it just roll off the tongue? Like black butter off a molten knife, this Czech quintet have hit on something of a unique marketing ploy with their band name. I can only think of Chino Moreno’s ††† that forgo a formal band name in favour of something more symbolic, but even that can be stylised as ‘crosses’ – following the popular plurals naming convention of recent years – but how do you express “██████” without some over-long description?

It’s something that could work either for or against them to be honest – I’d go with it being fairly memorable – but what’s really important here is the music isn’t it?

Formed in late 2011 and hailing from Plzeň in the Czch Republic, ██████ consist of a drummer, three guitarists, and a vocalist who also does the widdly soundscape/KAOS pad-type thing. A mixture of ambient black metal and screamo, the currently have an untitled demo available via Bandcamp.

██████ - demo

[15th January 2013]

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV

Dichotomous, opener “I” starts like a forlorn post-rock track – something from the hand of Efrim Menuck, perhaps, as it shifts and changes organically in the way that most things he touches do – but with down-played screeched black-metal vocals drifting into the background of the maelstrom that builds.

Although only four tracks, they’re each quite long, so at over 24 minutes there’s a fair amount to digest here. The second dials up the black metal considerably, which is the main element throughout. Track three dives into a somewhat epic ambient post-hardcore realm sonically, but the screeching undercurrent of vocalist Michal is always there.

Although only a demo, ██████ show promise with this release, and they’re definitely one to keep an eye on.

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