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Introducing northern Alabamans Abounding

Abounding 2014

It takes a lot of guts to try and follow in the footsteps of the mighty Enslaved. The Norwegians’ career has been nothing short of amazing, with album after album of top notch progressive metal, splatterings of black metal, and elevating themselves from mere membership of the Norwegian second wave into a truly unforgettable band that have undoubtedly influenced many.

The Alabaman duo known as Abounding - until very recently known as Ridge - are certainly one of those influenced, and are seemingly trying their best to walk that same path. Their self-titled debut album was released back on October 3rd, and it is live for streaming on their Bandcamp page as well.

Abounding - Abounding album artwork

[3rd October 2014]
[Self Released]

01. Dividing Plateau
02. The Path Of Eras To Come
03. Attain
04. Amidst The Lunar Stain
05. Freely, Still I Roam
06. Great Consent

There Enslaved influence is clear to see; Seth Stanfield’s growled vocals are very much similar to that of Grutle Kjellson. There are moments where the music lines up as well, but on many occasions it takes a path of its own; there is a more wandering, psychedelic feel in many of the riffs, and also takes influence from the sludge metal that graces the pair’s native southern states.

In fact, Abounding’s opening track “Dividing Plateau” reminds me much more of Opeth at their mellowest, and continues in a journey through some truly enjoyable soundscapes and heavy progressive black metal riffing. It’s equal measures of Enslaved, Opeth, Death, and a slight helping of some dark sludgy flavour. Abounding is definitely worth a listen for fans of any or all of the above.

The two are currently in search of a bass player and a second guitarist, so if you’re close to their riverside home town of Florence, AL, then you can get find their contact details on their Facebook page here.

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