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Southampton’s Cairiss seek to avoid disgracing themselves with their first demo track

Cairiss - Disgraced album art

You may recall (probably not) that a little while ago we covered Bykürius, a cover duo with a sense of humour (I mean come on, that name!), whose M.O. revolved around covering well known songs in black metal format. Some gems included “Hellfire” from The Hunchback Of Notre Dam and The Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones main theme songs.

Although Bykürius are still a thing, and are working on releasing an album, one of the pair has another band – a four-piece called Cairiss, who are the focus of this article – along with one of Bykürius’ musical collaborators Freya Brown.

Although brand shin new, they have a nine-minute demo recorded called “Disgraced” – and it’s sounding fantastic already. Combining the shoegaze and post-rock sensibilities of Alcest (but retaining the black metal edge that Niege and Winterhalter have ditched).

Notably (by rarity, more than anything), Cairiss are female-fronted. Freya takes on both clean and harsh singing duties, lending a soft edge to the more post-y sections, but holding her own when rasping over the black metal passages too. The music itself launches into a fairly epic intro section almost immediately, and continues to ebb and swell through calmer and more frantic segments. The energy of Connor Frapwell’s drumming is ever present though, keeping the underlying tension ever-present.

It’s only a demo, but the promise is most definitely there. It’s slated to be included on the Southampton band’s as-yet untitled debut EP. You can grab “Disgraced” for whatever you want to pay, and keep your eyes open, as we’ll be following up on this for certain.

Cairiss are:

Freya-Jane Brown – harsh & clean vocals/lyrics
Ethan Bishop – guitars/Synths/Arrangement/Production
Connor Frapwell – drums
Chris Gilgan – bass

Guest appearance:
Sofi Dorman – Choir vocals

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