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French bruisers Haut&Court set to make waves


The Monolithic inbox is a bit hit and miss sometimes, but it’s nice when a bit of a gem is thrown up. Enter Haut&Court. I’ve actually been sitting on this one for a bit too long, but hopefully they’ll forgive me my tardiness.

Haut&Court. (or Haut et Court) are a band from the eastern French city of Strasbourg. They’ve been going less than a year, but have already begun to craft a monumental sound for themselves. The name translates to “high and short”, which is obviously an allusion to hanging, and come across as something of an anarchist band – as many of their genre are. That’s not a generalisation to pigeonhole the group, more more an indication of what territory you’re getting into here.

Describing themselves as “auditive rape”, this blackened mathcrust band have dug right into a vein of violence and mean riffery rooted in hardcore, grindcore, and whatever other mean-sounding core you can think of. Their debut La Vie (“life”) was released in October last year – an impressive four months since their inception. It’s clear these French bruisers know what they’re doing, however. It may be short – clocking at just over eleven minutes – but it’s a perfect, concise introduction to their sound.

Haut&Court. - La Vie
Haut&Court. – La Vie

01. Let It Burst
02. Krokodil
03. This Genesis
04. Colision
05. Life
06. Wasted Time For Wasted Minds

There’s a video for the record’s closing track “Wasted Time For Wasted Minds“, a brash tune with a psychedelic, grainy feel to the visuals:

The band have been playing shows across Europe from what we can tell, with a rather topical show tonight at La Cantine in Paris supporting The Dali Thundering Concept (mathcore/djent) with Anna Sage (hardcore), which I would advise any of our Parisian bretheren to check out of if you have a free evening.

They’re also down for a couple next month: one at Altes Wasserwerk with Obscura ReligioSasquatch and For Dawn on April 13th, and one in their native Strasbourg at Mudd Club with Nesseria.

If you like what you hear, you can get the release for as much as you think it is worth over at Bandcamp:

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