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Meet Judicator: American power metal


Welcome back to Iron Introductions! It’s been a fair while since we’ve done one of these, but the time is ripe for another. Today time we have some American power metal for youm in the form of Judicator.

Made up of members from Disforia and Project: Roenwolfe (both also worth checking out; Disforia released one of my favourite albums of 2014) after they met at a Blind Guardian show. After an EP and a full album called Sleepy Plessow, the band have now released a new full length album titled At The Expense of Humanity; a concept album.

Judicator At The Expense of Humanity
01. A Picture of Fading Light
02. God’s Failures
03. Cannibalistic Mind
04. Coping Mechanism
05. My Fantasy Destroyed
06. Lucid Nightmare
07. The Rain in the Meadow
08. Nemesis/Fratricide
09. Autophagia
10. Life Support
11. At the Expense of Humanity
12. How Long Can You Live Forever?
13. Enantiodromia

At The Expense of Humanity features various guest appearances from members of the US power metal scene, and they’re all very well done. The female vocals are perhaps the best guest appearance, adding a whole new dimension to the already fantastic vocal performance from Yelland.

Released back in March, it deserves far more attention than it is currently getting. It is available for purchase digitally on Bandcamp. There were physical copies, but those are currently all sold out.

Judicator are:

John Yelland (Disforia) – Vocals
Tony Cordisco (Project: Roenwolfe, Sedulity) – Guitars
Joseph Palomares – Bass
Jordan Elcess – Drums
Tyler Sherill – Keyboards

Guest musicians:

Carlos Alvarez (Shadowdance)
Jeff Teets (MindMaze)
Joshua Payne (Epyon)
Paul Black (Turned To Stone)
Mercedes Victoria
Austin Bentley (Disforia)

Check them out on Facebook here!

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