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Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity. Gustav Holst would be proud.

Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity. Gustav Holst would be proud.

We all have those days. Those days where, for no real reason, you just feel less than perfect and a little down, everything sucks, and you hate everyone around you. But never fear, for I, Orsaeth, am here to give you a musical pick-me-up! I have compiled a playlist of the happiest and/or cheesiest sounding songs I can think of, some of which are guaranteed to have you back to a radiating beam of golden joy before you know it.

And no, it’s not all power metal. I’ll make a list of the best power metal later. Be patient.

We start breaking the silence with… well, “Break The Silence“, a song by power metal band Highland Glory. It has a wonderful uplifting melody, and gorgeous sing-along chorus with a positive message. It is a perfect start for this list!

Next, I know you want to fly away from your troubles. So do prog rock legends Rush, and they empathize with you on their song, “Fly By Night” from their early days. Right from opening guitar riff, you feel your troubles melting away, and Geddy Lee’s voice conveys so much joy that it’s infectious.

This next song by Dream Theater might be an odd choice lyrically, as it’s about someone who is suffering bipolar disorder, but the song is them while on a manic episode, so it’s joyous and racing. “About To Crash” (reprise) is a good choice to feel alive and flying.

Moving on to a little folk metal romp now, Dalraida’s “Hajdútánc” is a bouncy and fun little number with a catchy chorus. I have no idea what the song is about, since it’s in Hungarian, but it sounds like a good time party!

Ok, so you’re troubles have started melting away, but you’re still not feeling overly confident? Time to change that, with some “Rolling Thunder“! Fist pumping, burning rubber, furious metal to turbo charge your mood. Accept do not let up.

Next, we have another feeling of completely unbound freedom, from a free spirit. “Liberation“, from Devin Townsend, has a simple energetic riff that could set the dance floor on fire. Forget a shawty fire, call 911, we have a Devin fire burnin’ down the dance floor!

From the very second those bagpipes (wait stay with me here) kick in, you get another feeling of freedom, joy, and being wild and rambunctious. Skiltron’s “Fast And Wild” lives up to it’s name, being fast and wild. It almost sounds like a Dio song with bagpipes, bagpipes that bring happiness and destroy sadness.

This might be on here for just how infectious this song is. That opening riff will lodge in your head for hours and hours. Luckily, it’s an excellent one, bright and rockin’. Pagan Altar are a doom metal band generally, but “Walking In The Dark” showcases the best of their heavy metal/blues rock side and is a joy to listen to.

Back to power metal, because it is the most glorious and joyful of genres. Rhapsody have made some fantastic music over the years, but one of their best and most fun songs is “Emerald Sword” from their second album. It doesn’t seem like much until you get to that chorus. As soon as you get to that, you’ll be singing along, and questing for the titular sword. For the king, for the land!

And finally, we finish off with perhaps the most joyous song ever. Seriously, if you can go into this song without smiling and raising your arms for glory, you should go see a doctor because it means you are clinically dead. Those intro keyboards set the tone, and the key change near the end of the song crown a glorious journey into the “Land Of Light“. Freedom Calls you, and you answer back.

And there you have it, 10 songs to pick you up when you’re down. If this list didn’t work for you, you didn’t listen to it loud enough. Try again. Also, share some of your own favourite pick-me-up songs to listen to on down days! We could always use more joy!

Are there any we missed? What’s your favourite pick me up song? Sound off in the comments!

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