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For a band that officially broke up over two years ago, Bostonian post-metal kings ISIS have remained pretty active. Between May and July 2011 they released five posthumous live albums (ISIS Live I through V), including a recording of the band performing Oceanic at KOKO in Camden, one of the first metal shows I ever attended.

Staying relevant, they’ve released a new compilations LP/DVD this week entitled Temporal, which contains unreleased demos and remixes, as well as all the official music videos they ever produced – including one for ‘The Pliable Foe‘, a track originally written but unused as part of their final full-length, Wavering Radiant, which eventually made it to the split with The Melvins a couple of months after ISIS split.

This is probably the most I’ve ever heard from a band who’ve gone their separate ways – barring actual reunions of course – but perhaps this post-mortem promotion lark is wise; people are always finding music long after it was released, so there’s always a return to be made. Turner is currently still at the helm of Hydra Head Records, so he knows what he’s doing – but unfortunately the label is in the process of shutting up shop. One last hurrah for the band that no doubt dominated his life the thirteen years they were active?

Temporal was released on Tuesday via Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings.