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Iwrestledabearonce Unveil A New Song From Their Upcoming Album

Iwrestledabearonce - Late For Nothing

Iwrestledabearonce (IWABO) are a peculiar group of musicians. Initially, they made a name for themselves by being uncontrollably weird and carefree, their music an exciting and devil may care hodgepodge of almost every genre under the sun. They began as talented kids that played whatever the hell they wanted to play, regardless of the consequences. As such, they were dramatically shunned by much of the metal community. This is metal dammit, you’re not supposed to have fun!

IWABO’s debut album, It’s All Happening was an interesting record to try and get your head around. At times it was nigh on incomprehensible and while there was a lot of great musicianship on display, their erratic style didn’t always effectively translate into great songwriting. Overall, half of the album was good, while the other half was extremely messy and unsatisfying. Despite the sheer level of hate that IWABO received for being a little different, they actually seemed to listen to the few smart dissenting voices out there and returned with a fantastic follow-up album entitled Ruining It For Everybody.

IWABO embraced their status as a “hated” band, but used that bile to craft songs that were powerful and incredibly well structured, whilst still maintaining their off-the-wall approach. As such, Ruining It For Everybody blended a metric ton of genres, but in a far more mature and intelligent way, thus creating an album that was truly excellent and one of the highlights of 2011, for all who approached it with an open mind. A big part of their sound was their incredible vocalist, Krysta Cameron, an extremely talented and versatile young woman, capable of barking destructive harsh vocals and howling anguished, unique clean vocals.

Last year however, Cameron left the band to become a mother, due to her impending child with Daroh Sudderth of Fair To Midland fame (there must be a lot of incredible singing happening in that household), which is a mixed bag of news really. It’s unfortunate to see  a talented woman exit the industry at a relatively young age, especially in terms of her blossoming career, but at the same time it’s fantastic news for them, and they deserve their happiness. (Note: If anyone says that Cameron “sold out” by wanting to have a family with the man she loves then you are a fucking idiot and unworthy of the air you breathe.)

This left the band with a conundrum though, how would they replace such a unique and powerful talent? Actually, they managed to fill the role pretty quickly with Courtney LaPlante who was the vocalist of a band called Unicron, which were basically a softer IWABO. It seems that LaPlante had been preparing for an opportunity like this for a long time though, as she quickly dived into Cameron’s shoes at a moment notice, breaking up her old band in the process. Last week, IWABO unleashed the first song to feature her on vocals, called  ”Thunder Chunky“. In terms of the name it certainly keeps within the mandate of IWABO’s weirdness, and LaPlante’s vocals are strong, if a slightly blander version of Cameron’s. In fact, it’s a little disconcerting at just how similar the two vocalists are, LaPlante is trying very hard to sound like Cameron, instead of exploring her own unique potential. It seems oddly conformist for a band that have made their name in being different and pissing people off, and sadly that’s how a lot of the song feels as well. It’s lacking the eccentricities and randomness that made their earlier music so compelling, now becoming a far more straight forward and unremarkable band.

In saying that though, their is still a fair amount to like within the song, it just takes a few listens to overcome your initial disappointment. “Thunder Chunky” is a strong, if slightly uninteresting and disappointing song and it remains to be seen how their third album, titled Late For Nothing will fare overall. Here’s hoping that this is one of the more accessible tracks on the record and that the band haven’t streamlined and focused themselves to a point where they are now missing the very ingredients that made them so likeable in the first place.

Late For Nothing will be released worldwide on the 6th August via Century Media Records.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer this to their older stuff? Do you just irrationally hate IWABO? Are you disappointed? What do you think of the new vocalist? Sound off in the comments!

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