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Iwrestledabearonce (IWABO) are a polarizing band to say the least. Their antics have earned them a lot of ire from more self respecting “metal fans” who have no tolerance for any of their tomfoolery. The band’s debut full length It’s All Happening displayed promise in 2009, though it was a little too spastic to be a consistent hit. The band changed my mind at least with their sophomore album, the frankly brilliant Ruining It For Everybody, which was one of my favourite records of that year. It was an extremely heavy and passionate mish mash of multiple genres and musical styles, creating a flowing and surprising album held together by swift technical ability and understanding of music. A few genius flourishes scattered throughout, combined with the great and diverse voice of Krysta Cameron made it an album I’ll personally never forget.

Unfortunately, Krysta Cameron left the band during their latest tour due to her becoming pregnant. While it’s great news for her and partner Darroh Sudderth of Fair To Midland, it’s bad news for fans of the band and great vocals. If vocal talent was genetic their offspring will be ridiculously talented.

IWABO replaced Krysta with Courtney LaPlante, the frontwoman of Canadian band Unicron – who sound like a less inspired IWABO in all honesty. While Courtney certainly traded up to be a part of the real thing, she has big shoes to fill. While she has most of the technical ability that Krysta possessed (certainly no small feat) she seems to be lacking a lot of the fire that made her so unique and engaging. Time will tell if LaPlante is able to hone her voice to help make their third album as good as their second. Here’s hoping she succeeds!

We’ll have more information on this release as it develops.

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