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Best Of 2015 - Josh

For some reason I felt like I listened to and played less music in 2015 than I have in a very long time. Life sometimes gets in the way but if there’s one resolution I will make it will be to listen to, write and perform more music than I ever have in 2016. Here’s the music that inspired me to do more in 2015.

Widow The Sea - Aphelion

10. Widow The Sea – Aphelion

December 2015 – Summerland Records

Riffs, riffs, riffs and more riffs. Gotta love a death metal album where you can actually discern what the bass player is doing too. Enjoyed this more than The Black Dahlia Murder‘s new banger, Widow The Sea are another Aussie (did I mention I’m an Aussie yet?) triumph!

SOM 349LP (GDOB-30H3O1-001).indd

9. Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Stellar

March 2015 – Season Of Mist

I was turned onto Der Weg Einer Freiheit by a friend and can’t thank him enough. Equal parts menacingly blackened and mercifully post-flavoured, Stellar has firmly cemented these German monsters as a new favourite.

Windhand - Grief's Internal Flower

8. Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower

September 2015 – Relapse Records

The doom is brought thick and not-so-fast over the 9 sludged-out tracks presented here by Windhand. The old saying ‘the simple things in life are often the best’ rings true here.

Serious Beak - Ankaa

7. Serious Beak – Ankaa

November – Art As Catharsis/Bird’s Robe Records

Is it grind? Is it mathcore? Is it spiritually awakened? Well, yes, it is all of these and more. Bands like Serious Beak make me proud to be Australian when they release world class albums like Ankaa.

Elder -Lore

6. Elder – Lore

February – Stickman Records

Elder have such a massive sound for a trio. It’s continually impressive to hear such intricate music backed by players who sing with such power and emotion without it hindering the performance.

Deafheaven - New Bermuda

5. Deafheaven- New Bermuda

October – ANTI-

Far from being Sunbather part 2, this is a successful follow up to a great (I say landmark, some may say hipster!) record. The mix is superb: the riffs are crunchy, the drums are stupidly fast and George Clarke‘s vocals are as punishing as ever.

Mutoid Man - Bleeder album art

4. Mutoid Man- Bleeder

June 2015 – Sargent House


It’s psychedelic, it’s proggy, it’s fast and it’s furious. Ben Koller shines behind the drums as per usual and Steve Brodsky kills it up front. So tight!

baroness purple

3. Baroness – Purple

December 2015 – Abraxan Hymns


John Dyer Baizley sounds as pained as ever, but there’s a fantastic balance between agony and ecstasy throughout the album. As tight as ever and as enjoyable as the rest of their back catalogue, possibly even more so.

Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss

2. Chelsea Wolfe- Abyss

August 2015 – Sargent House


The imagery and aesthetics Chelsea Wolfe has displayed up to this point in her career finally feel backed by a record that not only sounds as heavy as the pressure in an abyss, but carries that sense of dread throughout each and every passage.

We Lost The Sea - Departure Songs album art

1. We Lost The Sea – Departure Songs

July – Art As Catharsis/Bird’s Robe

Departure Songs is close to the perfect post rock/metal album. Haunting melodies, driving riffs, coalesce to create something introspective and beautiful. A fine achievement under the most painful of circumstances, and sure to become a classic of the genre. You have done yourselves and Australia proud lads!

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