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Katatonia’s New Music Video Is A Powerful Reminder Of The Emotion Inherent In Their Music

Katatonia Lethean

Katatonia are Sweden’s premium doom metal band, having successfully vaulted the barrier that separates most niche bands from breaking into the arms and minds of the mainstream metal populous. Katatonia have encountered a lot of success with their heavy, slow and heartfelt music as well as touring with the legendary and loveable court jester/genius of metal, Devin Townsend in a co-headlining tour that also featured British doom giants Paradise Lost. This extremely successful North American excursion will be followed up with undoubtedly another as the band begin to gear up for another large tour with their fellow Swedish icons Opeth. This extensive and exhaustive tour will take them to the far reaches of Australia, and all over North America, with the latter part of that touring cycle taking place throughout April and May of this year. It’s certainly a busy and lucrative time for the band, who are celebrating by releasing their first music video from their latest album Dead End Kings, released just last year.

While Dead End Kings was less of an instant hook album and more of a slow grower, it’s a great album with a remarkable sense of melody and made it onto many different year end lists in the metal community. Now, they’ve just released a new music video for “Lethean” one of the many strong tracks from Dead End Kings. The video is a simple, but effective black and white montage of footage centred on a young, beautiful woman and lots of shots juxtaposing beautiful, idyllic natural surroundings with the harsh and bleak tones of various cityscapes. Thought the footage does involve a lot of running from both of the women as they traverse their bleak surroundings at rapid pace, the narrative and symbolic threads are still visible to the keen observer and are prominent. What’s more noticeable about the video however, is that it perfectly suits the music as an evocative mood changer. It’s a fitting video, for a very moving song. Check it out.

Dead End Kings is out now on Peaceville Records.

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