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Keep Of Kalessin Unveil New Single & Music Video

Keep Of Kalessin - Introspection

Keep Of Kalessin are a melodic black metal band from Norway, known for their slower paced and atmospheric use of melody, rather than the more traditional fast paced, blastbeat infused black metal that is often found in other bands from the area. Kalessin have achieved Kalessin released their debut album Through Times Of War in 1997 and since then have released five more albums, culminating in the 2010 release of Reptilian, which received strong praise from the metal press at the time of release.

Since the release of Reptilian the band have been relatively quiet and they parted ways with their label Indie Recordings. Now, they’re on Demonstealer Records and have granted us a new single today in the form of the song “Introspection”. This song is accompanied by a music video, so it’s great to finally see more from the band. There’s no word yet as to whether this single is the precursor to a full album or if it is a stand alone piece, but I’m sure that the band are actively working on new material. This is also the first song that they’ve released as a three piece after the departure of their previous vocalist Thebon. Obsidian Claw, the lead guitarist and founding member of the band is now handling vocal duties as well, which is certainly an impressive feat due to his already impressive guitar feats. Time will tell whether he can appropriately balance the two in a live setting.

Introspection” shows an even more melodic progression for the band. It’s hard to imagine a time when the band used to sound sonically similar to the mighty Polish titans of death metal, Behemoth, but now their sound is very much their own. While some of the compositions still contain remnants of their earlier sound and influences, ultimately they are twisted into a new direction. In fact, the riffing on this song is not dissimilar to the style of thrash riffing that your would often encounter in more classic heavy metal bands. The vocals come in the form of a pretty standard black metal croak, yet in the midsection of the song the aggressive riffing subsides in favour of sweeping and majestic chords, symphonics and a strong melodic singing voice. It’s here that the song really soars and stands out from being a rather barebones song. While the lyrics may be a little cheesy, the song itself reachers dizzying heights with this soaring section, interrupted by a blistering and impressive solo.

The video itself is honestly pretty cheesy to an almost power metal degree, but there are some nice shots scattered throughout and interesting uses of lighting. The video opens with a poignant wintry night sky background and the definition of Introspection appearing, in an effort to appear poignant. While it doesn’t necessarily fail immediately, once the inherent cheesiness of the video rears its head it loses all semblance of depth that it may have originally clung to. Either way, the song is still good and fans of the band may find themselves enjoying it a lot.

What do you think? Do you like the new Keep Of Kalessin? Did you prefer their older material? Sound off in the comments!

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