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We’ve covered Canadian hardcore band KEN mode a fair amount in this album cycle. The trio previewed a buttload of tracks in the run-up to the release of Entrench, their fifth record, which came out March 19th through Season Of Mist, and have been busy touring in support with the likes of Black Tusk and Today Is The Day.

Continuing the promotional material is this video of lead track “Counter Culture Complex“. Check out the video below, then a few of the staff comments afterwards. Make sure to keep an eye out for our review of Entrench soon too!

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Motherfuckin’ metal snowforts!

Really enjoyed this one. I’m just getting into the band, and this song was one of the stand-outs from Entrench. Whereas Terror are the kind of hardcore that usually bores me to tears, this is stimulating as hell – and there’s only three of them. Each instrument gets a chance to shine, but they all show multiple facets as well. The riffing is interesting, the chorus is hooky but holds the tempo well, and the off-kilter noise-rock elements keep things fresh over the three and a half minutes.

The video itself is awesome; there’s elements of black metal all over this, but it’s borrowed really. The concept of three leather-clad biker chick witches summoning some sort of (I’m assuming polite and trustworthy) Canadian version of the Jabberwocky is fun, and the ice and fire shenanigans are always cool visually.


I love this, definitely the sort of things I’m into. It’s just erratic enough to keep you on your toes but with enough consistent elements to give it some focus. Definitely some of the more interesting hardcore I’ve heard in a while. I’d not heard of these guys but will absolutely be looking into it.

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KEN mode’s brand of noise rock-inflected metallic hardcore continues to please me quite a bit. This song demonstrates how well they balance aggression with atmosphere. Despite having a heart of jangly hardcore, KEN mode keeps it catchy with some memorable riffs and vocals that cut through that wall of sound.

Low-budget storyline videos don’t always work out, but this one is rather good. There is a kind of (original) Evil Dead appeal here, with leather-warrior chicks, demons, and KEN mode being all Canadian in the snow. I like this one.

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Oh, now this I like. I’ve been seeing the name around a lot recently, and I’m starting to understand why. It reminds me a lot of Coilguns, or a slightly tamer Daughters.

It has that careening, ramshackle feel to it that seems like the band is only ever half a beat away from the song falling apart completely, which is an exhilarating sensation.

On the strength of this tune, I’m definitely going to go off to dig deeper into their stuff.

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