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Killswitch Engage - Disarm The Descent

The return of Killswitch Engage is not an event to be understated, so I’ll do my best not to. They’ve not got many fans around here (I think), as evidenced by our lukewarm reception of the two tracks from their forthcoming album we’ve talked about so far, but it’s hard to deny their place in the history of metalcore and their contribution to it.

The Bay State residents are due to release said album, Disarm The Descent (whatever that means), on Tuesday next week through Roadrunner Records, and by way of preview you can listen to the whole thing over at Front Magazine (classy) if you’re in the UK or Ireland, and Alternative Press if not.

The band are due to head out on tour in Europe with Sylosis about a week after the album drops – full details in the events calendar. Whatever your feelings, both are likely to put on excellent shows, so our European brothers and sisters are strongly advised to get on this one if they are able.

Nails - Abandon All Life

Nails are a completely different kettle of fish, however. Whereas the metalcore veterans are armpit-deep in their sound, this Californian hardcore trio are much nearer the beginning – although Abandon All Life is actually their third release since 2009.

It’s also streaming in full, this time over at Revolver, without any of that regional unavailability nonsense. The album was released on Tuesday this week through the excellent Southern Lord Records, and you can read our review of it pretty soon. I actually thought we’d already published, so that shows you what kind of editor I am.

Nails are on tour soon themselves, along with Xibalba and Early Graves, who are both also excellent and worthy of your attention. Details currently not in the calendar, but it’s a bank holiday in the UK on Friday and next Monday, so expect big additions to the calendar.

Anyway, both are releases certainly worth your attention, if only for context if nothing else.

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