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With 2012 at a close, it’s natural for us to look forward to what fruits 2013 will bear. Since I’m still in the mode of listening to my favorite releases of 2012, however, which makes it a little difficult for me to think of my most anticipated releases for the upcoming year. An announcement from a certain Massachusetts metalcore band changed that, though. Killswitch Engage have announced that their upcoming sixth album will be titled Disarm The Descent. This comes after reuniting with their original singer, Jesse Leach (who left after the release of their seminal record Alive Or Just Breathing), and coming off of their recent tour that supported the 10th anniversary of that pivotal album. They’ve also been nice to enough to inform us that this new album, via Roadrunner Records, is set to drop on April 2, one day removed from everyone’s favorite fool day, just so it’s clear that this is no joke. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have released the full tracklist for the album, which we have listed below. Killswitch Engage have been accused of treading water on their last two releases, so while Disarm The Descent may not necessarily reinvent the wheel, it’s clear that Killswitch are tackling this album with a reignited vigour and a determination to return to a former glory. This album will definitely have my attention, though time will tell whether it was all worth it.

Disarm The Descent‘s tracklist will be as follows:

The Hell In Me
Beyond the Flames
New Awakening
In Due Time
A Tribute to the Fallen
The Turning Point
All That We Have
You Don’t Bleed for Me
The Call
No End in Sight
Time Will Not Remain

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